begins the second set of ELeven (11+11 = 22) the number twELve (12, L). The Aleph (A) and the CANE of J which is the Hebrew Letter meaning of the letter L (walking cane, J). This is the candy cane we see in the 12th month in Christmas, the old man cane of Santa and of Yoda (J). J is our tenth letter, again it’s the 10 (12) Code! The J is ten (10), which is why the Hebrew letter Y (yod) is also the 10th letter. Yoda is Yodah, the Hebrew Yod, the little most important letter that floats or levitates in the air just like Yoda! This is why Yoda dies at 900+ years old, because the first Hebrew letter A (Aleph = bulls head) is silent so Yod can be seen as the number nine (9). That’s why the Bible starts with the second letter of bet (B), Bereishit (beginning). Yoda is Yehuda or Yahweh (YHWH), the Lord of Israel who is EL (God) of the ELohim (Gods), the Most High EL of Ayil (Eye-EL), which is the green spring RAM (lamb) of the Most High (New Year) of Passover or Springtime. Ayil is the leader and the pillar of Israel that MARks the time and season of Spring in MARch representing the planet and God of the Sun MARs, the God of War, thus Star Wars! The characters of the Bible represent the Spring and Autumn Equinox characters of Sarah, Avraham, Moses, Jesus, Issac and so forth. The Biblical account takes place in the era (time) of the Egyptians of course, which is why there are stories like Ramesses and Moses, and now you know why Moses had HORNS! Yoda caries the Green Lightsaber of the Spring man. Ramesses is an Egyptian name meaning the Sun God Ra! The Ram of Egypt has always been used to represent the great Gods of Khnum and Amun Ra, which is why there are statues of Ram headed sphinxes at the Temple of Karnak in Egypt! RAm of the Sun in Aries which is RAm + Aries = Ramesses. Of course this is also the meaning behind the Sun Ram of the Indian Hindu Rama, which is of course a Solar Deity! Rama is of course the seventh (7) avatar of 142 Lord, Christopher Clay. Behind the Emerald Door of Oz The Untold Truth Ebook3: Esoteric Wisdom • Etymology • Symbology • Numerology • Philosophy (Page 143). . Kindle Edition.

Man himself, Saint Patrick! On this day every year in Springtime, we celebrate the little Green Man fertility of nature in March (Aries). This fertility ritual is why we “pinch” someone (on the butt) who is not wearing green, because like on all Holidays, we dress up and play the role of the character of nature, the Jack in the Green character, just like on Halloween where we play the Jack of the Pumpkin, or the Winter Jack Frost on Christmas Eve, or as the Spring Jack in the Box (jumping Jack) with his round SPRING that pops him out of darkness! We play the New Year Eve Jack as we dress up like the King Fool for a Day with little Leprechaun hats that do not fit! Then we continue the fertility ritual with a kiss at midnight in the EVENing between the old year and the New Year, which is why we also go out and drink, party and have sex on Saint Patrick’s Day in the ecclesiastical New Year of the Spring Equinox in March (Aries). The New Years celebrates the death of the Old Year, just as those who celebrate the death (old year) of Saint Patrick in Spring. The choice of a New Year depends on the observer, any Equinox of Spring or Autumn can be observed just as any Solstice of Winter or Summer as well. Even the times between times in the middle can be observed as in the Celtic tradition of New Year’s Day on the ELeven of ELeven (11), the time we celebrate as Halloween, the EVE of the EL-EVEAN! We see the little green Leprechaun in the Hollywood film Star Wars as mentioned earlier. Yoda is the little Green Man of nature, the one who holds the power of the Force (of nature). The old wise one who holds the great wisdom, he is the great Druidic Emerald Wizard of old. He speaks forwards and backwards representing the past, present and the future of time as well as our ELanguage (language) of English (Anglish) and Hebrew (Canaan Phoenician) polar opposites of left to right and right to left. Our days are also opposites as our day starts in the middle of the night at Midnight, and the Hebrew day begins at Sunset! Yoda is in fact Joda, whith the J symbol of the cane or the letter L (EL) which is the letter that 141 Lord, Christopher Clay. Behind the Emerald Door of Oz The Untold Truth Ebook3: Esoteric Wisdom • Etymology • Symbology • Numerology • Philosophy (Page 142). . Kindle Edition.

the Vishnu, an important incarnation of God just like Krishna, the other God of Light, the cristos of the Christ (crystal light, oil sparkle, crescent). The Egyptian Sphinx was built to face the Spring Vernal Equinox of Aries (March). The Sphinx is a lion ram cobra Sun symbol, just like the Pyramids, the same Biblical symbolism of the Cross of the Lion and the Lamb (Spring Summer). The Sun is the Green Fire Eye (Wadjet) of the CobRA Serpent, and the Goddess of the Sun was the Lion headed feline Lioness, Sekhmet the Warrior Goddess! Notice she is colored green, the same green lion we see in Alchemy (ELkemy) of the green lion with the Sun in it’s mouth! The Roman Goddess Cybele is the great Mother who rode a chariot pulled by Lions and she held the Sun Disc for she was a Lioness Goddess. Cybele is basically the same Mother Goddess as Rhea, Ops or Gaia. The Hindu (Sun) Goddess Durga also rides upon the Lion (Leo). This is why the Lion was referenced in the Emerald Tablets and in The Wizard of Oz as a character of the Sun on his circle cycle journey along the Golden Sun Road with his little red bow on top of his head. The tided bow of the Golden Bough of the wreath or the garland that represents the annual year. The 1973 film called The Whicker Man, was a pagan Sun sacrifice story, the same Biblical story of course, which came much later. The story is about the Eve of May Day (May 1st) on Beltane (April 30) in the month of the Fool, where a “Willing Fool” played by a traveling officer, who is sacrificed for the people and the rebirth of their crops. The SAcrifice is made to the Sun God, as the pagans of Summerile dress in anthropomorphic horned costumes, the Zodiac animal zoomorphic characters of time with their Sundial (Obelisk, May Pole) of Summer (May 1st). The Jack Jester character is also seen in the Pulcinella sacrifice character. The film is centered around a tavern or a pup, an alcohol bar called the “Green Man Inn” which was the pup where all of the planners (Horned Bulls) of the Wicker Man conspiracy of sacrifice hung out at (place of planning) together. Do you recall the Boston Tea Party? Not the Bloody Boston Massacre, but the Boston Tea Party where the Tea was hacked up and axed to death in the Harbor of Boston, the Bull BosTown! Remember the events where the Sons of Liberty planned their attack at none other than the GREEN DRAGON Tavern located on ELeventh (11th) MARshaEL Street! The Freemasons are the Sons of Liberty, the ELiberty God- Lord, Christopher Clay. Behind the Emerald Door of Oz The Untold Truth Ebook3: Esoteric Wisdom • Etymology • Symbology • Numerology • Philosophy (Page 144). . Kindle Edition.